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Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.


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Mantra: I am in touch with my inner knowing and the wisdom of those who came before me.

An Essence For: meditation, communication with guides, ancestors or spirit world to gain wisdom and clarity. Connecting to the intelligence of letting all that is not serving fall away or die and the wisdom in this process.

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Datura Flower essence Enhances clairvoyance and dreamwork; for vision quests and learning to accept the relationship between mortality and immortality; for communication with ancestors; eases obsessive thinking. It is also used for connecting to the wisdom of the death and rebirth cycle. Assessing what could be let go of and where we can embrace death in our own lives by releasing what is no longer serving, making space for growth and new life.

Release the illusions, pain from the past. During periods of growth, transformation and processing it is natural to be protective, this essence is used to release the protective outer layers you may be hiding under.  This essence allows us to release old views of reality and enter into a new more visionary state.

Datura is known for its use in shamanic ritual and has a deep ancient history in this realm. Datura flower essence can be a powerful teacher and as an essence is used to enhance meditations, dreams or in working with ones guides and teachers. Just one drop is needed before meditation.

Made on Tehachapi mountain at the edge of the Antelope Valley. It grows abundantly in many parts of Southern California but I felt called to make it on that land.

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Ingredients: Brandy + Spring Water infused with Datura Flower Essence 

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