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Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.

Pink Oleander

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Pink Oleander


Mantra: I am a divine being of light and all is well in my world

An Essence For:  shedding and releasing toxic and negative thinking patterns, releasing heaviness around the heart chakra.

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The essential purpose of Oleander is to channel and focus light. We therefore can use the flower essence to address problems that arise in our lives through lack of light.

Some forms of depression and anxiety are associated with lack of light and will respond to the use of Oleander flower essence. Anxiety too is caused by lack of spiritual light in our life, as is cynicism and loss/lack of faith. Oleander reminds us the patterns of thinking are just patterns, it is not who you are. You are not your thoughts. Brings awareness to patterns so they may be released. Eases hopelessness, uplifting, sheds toxicity from the mind, body and spirit.

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Ingredients: Brandy + Spring Water infused with Pink Oleander Flower Essence

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