Wild Earth Magic

for transformation & embodiment

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.

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About Flower Essences

Plants are incredible healers and can help us to grow into our highest potential. The innate wisdom of nature is unprecedented and a part of our collective healing is to reconnect to this relationship that is often forgotten for our busy modern lifestyles. Flower essences work gently over time to restructure the energetic body and the effects are powerful. 

The energy (or ‘spirit’), of a single plant species contains within in it an enormous reservoir of healing light and deep wisdom. This is a very powerful energy that can help us to rehabilitate, restore and expand our hearts and minds.

Flower essences are liquid elixirs made using the living plant, sunlight infusion in water and a small amount of brandy is used to preserve the formula. All essences are distributed in a small dropper bottle that can be taken under the tongue with intention throughout the day until the remedy is complete.

Sessions occur either in person, by phone or Skype.  As the practitioner I will hold a the container for healing and communication between you and the plants.

 Everyone has the ability to communicate with nature and I only act as a connector as you are getting to know and familiar with the innate intelligence of the plant medicine. 

During our sessions we will pull into consciousness anything you wish to be transformed, plant devas will step forward and join in communion as healing allies on your journey of self discovery and wellness. 

You will receive a personalized flower essence remedy with a formulation of 4-7 flower essence either in the mail or in person directly after your session. 

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