Dream To Realize

Flower Essence & Shamanic Healing Therapy

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.

Welcome, freedom seekers, creative spirits & visionaries with grand plans!


  Hello Dreamers, I am Lisa Amadeo and I support visionaries with a big missions. I am an ally on your journey of  gaining clarity and aligning your energy with the reality you are calling in,  even if it is far from what you believe is possible or way outside of your "comfort zone". 

I know that living in alignment with your true spirit takes a warriors heart, courage, healthy boundaries, and clearing all that does not serve the vision.  

 I utilize flower essence therapy,  shamanic healing,  holistic health and self-care techniques ,along with rituals based in earth wisdom to help clients uncover authentic desires and truths, dissolve ingrained societal limitations and barriers, remove unrealistic expectations that are self imposed or otherwise , and transform habits and patterns that are not in alignment with your true self. 

"The day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom"  - Anais Nin

There are many ways we can work together on the path of realizing your dreams and living a life in alignment with your true spirit. I offer single sessions + mentorship programs in the Los Angeles area & long distance via phone, skype, or zoom. 

* Flower Essence Therapy* 

*Daydream Sessions* 

*Making Space Mentorship* 

*Shamanic Healing*

Join me on Instagram @dreamtorealize or through link below. 

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