Dream To Realize

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.


Day-Dream Sessions


So you are great at setting aside the time and energy for creating and focusing on YOU but you are not so clear or limit yourself around about what exactly you want to create. This program is about making decisions, moving forward, and putting structure in place to support your big idea, bringing you even closer to living the life you love.  

In this magical 90 minute session  we will indulge in the world of the day-dream.  We will dive right into your wild fantasies that you truly wish could be your reality but reach resistance when the vision becomes to grand. Our society is such that it doesn't often allow us the space, time, and general acceptance of diving into this very important space that allows our visions to take form in the world around us.  Step into this space with me where magic is real, beginnings and endings meet and the clarity of your desires take form. In these sessions we will step out of the headspace  daily realities and dream up a new reality tunnel.  I will  support you and hold space for the following: 

  • Clarifying what you truly desire and how you want to feel. Identify what will support this and what will not.  
  • Addressing patterns in your lifestyle  that may be holding you back from realizing the reality you crave. 
  • The re-creating and revision of  belief systems, and pattern that are not serving your vision in order to tell a new story. 
  • We'll map out a boundless vision for your dream life and create a plan to materialize this dream with super simple and easy to identifiable steps on how to get there. 

90 minute Skype coaching sessions, which includes a email follow up with a review of action steps and exercises that will support your process $333

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