Wild Earth Magic

for transformation & embodiment

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.


"The only person you are destined to become is the person you decide to be"  - Ralph Waldo Emerson


Free Clarity Call 

In this 20 minute chat we can get clear on the visions you hold in your heart and if any of my offerings can assist on your path to embodying your dreams. 

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Flower Essence Therapy 

Flower essences are energetic remedies derived from living flowers and plants. These plant medicines work with your energetic body to help harmonize the system, resolve and release repetitive thought patterns, limiting beliefs, woundings, and traumas. They are gentle yet profoundly powerful remedies that address both  the emotional and mental aspect of healing. 

First time clients are asked to start with 3 sessions due to the depth of the healing flower essences are able to address. Each session is a one hour in person or long distance session where we dive deep into what is present for you. You will receive a personalized essence formulated to transform any dis-ease, mental, physical or emotional for greater over all wellness and harmony of spirit. 

Making Space Mentorship

Is your schedule filled with other peoples agendas with little time left over to pursue your own dreams and desires?   

Is your schedule filled with other peoples agendas with little time left over to pursue your own dreams and desires?


This 3-month program focuses on clearing out what isn't serving YOU, so there is space for clear visions to manifest.  During three 1.5 hour long sessions over the course of three consecutive months we will identify and clear physical, energetic, and emotional clutter that creates a sense of feeling stuck.

We will confront negative scripts and karmic patterns that require loving attention and clearing for dreams to meet action.

This is about clearing out various degrees of clutter, creating self-care rituals that nourish your body and spirit, and setting boundaries with others so you have enough energy to show up in the world as your most authentic self. 


Daydream Sessions 

What would you do if you had no fear? What kind of life would you be living if your limiting beliefs weren't in the way? The daydream sessions are a place to explore what could be. 

We start with a guided grounding and visualization that will take us into the realm of the dream weave. In this magical 90 minute session we step into a space where magic is real, beginnings and endings meet, and the clarity of your desires take form.

 I will hold the container for your deep authentic desires to be heard and scripted to the universe in a space where there are no limits of societal and familial expectations, logistic concerns, or fear based scripts.  

 You will receive  earth based rituals, grounded guidance on next steps and a personalized flower essence formula and mantra practice to support deeper clarity and divinely driven action toward the dream in your heart. 

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