Wild Earth Magic

for transformation & embodiment

Lisa Amadeo is an intuitive vision doula, offering flower essence therapy, clearing sessions, daydream sessions, shamanic healing & wellness mentorships for vision & clarity.


"Working with Lisa was a real eye opener.  Before our sessions I was over extending myself and unable to focus on my goals.  She helped me to pinpoint what was working in my schedule and what wasn't so that I could prioritize my time effectively.  Her strong understanding of natural rhythms and work/life balance helped me realize my own limitations and strengths.  I still reference the material she gave me during our sessions and am grateful for her emphasis on giving time for the creative process to develop.  If you are struggling with idea creation or are starting a creative business and don't know where to begin I strongly encourage you to work with Lisa to gain clarity and organize your goals in a manageable productive way".    

    -Meghan Ryan, Healer,  www.presentbreath.com

"I had a truly magical time working with Lisa.  Her commitment to the truth quickly cut through my self-limiting belief system.  She saw very clearly the places in my life where I was putting stress on myself to do things the way I've seen others do them.  I was planting road blocks in front of myself and not giving myself permission to do things my way. 

Lisa gave me simple tools to help change my schedule around so that the way I executed my day and the tasks within it felt natural, comfortable and even fun to me.  She changed my perspective on my abilities by encouraging me to use my quirks and idiosyncrasies to my favor, instead of trying to hide or push them aside.  She helped me to learn about the natural cycles of energy that I experience throughout the month and how to maximize productivity accordingly. 

 Since working with Lisa, my clientele has tripled, I've manifested a life of travel while continuing to grow my business, and I've entered the relationship of my dreams.  My confidence, self-esteem, and belief in my vision have all increased greatly.  As a result, I have more energy, feel happier and am thrilled to be living in the continuous unfolding of dreams coming true.  I can't thank Lisa enough for the ways that she has helped me blossom into a more fully expressed and joyful version of myself."

-Jackie Ryan, Holistic Health Coach

Clear & Clarify For Creation

"I have worked with Lisa for over a year now, at my own pace, and have benefited greatly from her knowledge and abilities to help to hold and manifest my dreams beyond the scope of more ordinary paths and plans. Lisa is who I go to when I am pivoting my life into a whole new area, and am unsure of how to move forward. She is a grounded and strong ally in my work towards achieving my best path of service; she knows if my plan is going to come easily and be right for who I am, and if it is divinely supported for me at this time. Working with Lisa adds not only a loving and personal accountability partner to my steps forward in dream realization, but she also provides sequenced steps forward that skyrocket me towards making my goals in business and in life grow and take form.

Lisa takes the time to listen closely to my plans and  assess them for hidden inner motivations and adverse outer outcomes; her coaching is grounded in your beautiful future and she will not support a path that will not bring you utmost joy. If you are ready to get real and use your gifts to move you forward, Lisa Amadeo is a key ally in your shift. This may include directly confronting limiting ancestral contracts and negative scripts which prevent us from receiving all that is offered to us. Working with Lisa has been one of the best decisions that I have made in my transition from unfulfilling, traditional work relationships to empowered entrepreneurship and gainful, fulfilling self-employment. You really can set the terms of your own life, and Lisa can help you to do that in a balanced and positive way".    

   -Ramsey, www.gaiaearthoracle.com    

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